the Real Handy Ma'am

  ​Janell inez

Enough Already is about a women who is a one women show.  Between being a super mom, a loving wife, a TV host, a working actress, a master chef, a life coach in training, a part-time carpenter and an aspiring iron welder; she makes it happen. But navigating through the everyday happenings of her hectic world can be an adventure and sometimes get her arrested…I mean in trouble.  Often the last line is crossed and her superwoman powers are pushed to the limit driving her to say; "Enough Already"!  That is when she goes overboard on a roll coaster ride of emotions and takes along anyone that is in her path. It is her loving husband, who happened to have gained weight since they got married 20 years ago so she only visualizes him at that 20 year ago size; and children that help to reel her back in by loving and accepting her just the way she is; CRAZY, but in a good way…I think.  You're just going to have to stay tuned and decide for yourself.

Coming   Summer 2015or sooner, it depends.

             Enough Already!